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Kairos is the experience of the appropriate moment.

Kairos is the power time, timeless or eternal time.

Asociacion Kairos


The Kairos Association was created in Madrid, on January 22nd, 2010, by Goyo Martínez Cuenca, Angelines Martínez Cuenca and Bernd-Uwe Scheffel, with the intention of working at any time with people in need of special animic care.

KAIROS is the experience of the appropriate moment. The Pythagorean called it Opportunity. Kairos is the power time, timeless or eternal time; meanwhile time is the length of a movement, a creation. Another meaning for Kairos could be the timely laughter that feels good. KAIROS, THE APPROPRIATE MOMENT, is not the quantitative, but the qualitative time of the occasion, the experience of the appropriate moment. We all once in our lives experience the sensation that the appropriate moment to do something has come, that we are ready, and that we can make a particular decision.

When we created this association, none of us understood the scope of its name. Only after living the events that life brought, we realized its meaning.

Asociacion Kairos


Now, after Goyo´s departure for his last and grand trip, we want to start all over again with this fund, which we want to call it again UN GUIÑO A LA VIDA (A nod to life), and we want this fund to be useful, the same way it was useful for Goyo, to alleviate the road in a difficult situation, or to give the option to an alternative treatment not covered by Social Security, or to make the road less tortuous, always with the hope that people continue making NODS TO LIFE.

This fund will start with the Money gathered from Goyo´s belongings; things that were sold (construction material for guitars, hiking material, etc.), and we, his family, want this money from the things he loved, to be dedicated to this fund. Goyo will be very happy that his belongings be used for this project.

Asociacion Kairos


We think now is the suitable moment to act and allow somebody to make A NOD TO LIFE, and that is why we propose you to participate by attaching your name (you can also participate anonymously) to the signatories of this open letter, and send it to whoever you think would like to join and collaborate in a help fund we would like to call:


To donate by bank transfer to the account in Triodos Bank:


If the transfer is made from another country within the European Union:

BIC: TRIOESMM IBAN: ES69-1491-0001-20-1009114628

Asociacion Kairos


Since we want this fund to be available to people who can do a NOD TO LIFE, we ask you to let us know if you know of anybody who is going through difficult times and who is in need of some alternative care that they cannot afford; we will get in contact with this person, and we will provide the help needed.

Asociacion Kairos


Goyo left for Switzerland on February 26, 2010, to work with disabled people in the Perceval Foundation, the place where he studied to become a specialized educator in 1984. Destiny took him back to the same place he discovered his profession as a Specialized Educator. Goyo suffered from a hepatitis C since he was 19 years old. Lately, his liver was sending him warning signs, but after consulting with his doctor about moving to Switzerland to work, the doctor told him that he could continue living a normal life. Not too long after his arrival in Switzerland, destiny took him to the hospital suffering from an organic dysfunction that doctors couldn´t diagnose at first. He was soon released from the hospital, but only for a few days, since he was admitted again on May 2nd, 2010, and this time his health situation made us fear for his life. After 10 days in a severe comma and with a general organic dysfunction, Goyo "MADE A NOD TO LIFE" and woke up from the comma on May 11th, 2010, the same day of his 47th birthday. Doctors discovered his illness: an infection produced by BACILOCOCUS AUREO, a very aggressive infection that spread throughout most of his body, and which Goyo decided to battle against. It was a difficult and long guessed battle.

After almost a month of being in the hospital in Switzerland, accompanied by his sister Angelines and his mother Gloria, Goyo was released from the hospital and was permitted to travel by plane to Madrid, so he could have the option of a liver transplant in Spain. After the comma, his liver was badly damaged by the organic infection and all the drugs received in intensive care. We arrived in Madrid on May 27th, and his delicate health state made him stay in the hospital for almost two months.

Goyo was a fighter, and fought until the last moment. It was difficult for him to depend on us (parents, brother and sister who were fortunate to accompany him throughout the duration of his sickness) for bathing, eating, going to the bathroom and walking; he also had trouble sleeping at night.

During this process he went through several hepatic encephalopathies, where his awareness was diminished. Despite these two months fighting for his life with all his strength, a liver never arrived and Goyo died on July 27th, 2010, at 17:15 hours, accompanied by his parents, brother and sister, brother-in-law, cousins and aunts and uncles. He waited for everybody to be there to leave this world. To say good bye to him was very difficult and painful.

During his stay in the hospital in Switzerland, between Fidel (one of Goyo´s best friends) and Angelines organized a help fund to cover the expenses incurred during Goyo´s illness, since he could not pay them. At first they thought about a medical evacuation plane to Madrid, pay the Swiss hospital bills, and the expenses for a long recuperating period. Fidel called this fund UN GUIÑO A LA VIDA ( A Nod to Life) and with the money gathered, Goyo was able to pay for medicines, massages, and other cares he needed and that Social Security didn´t cover.

We could never imagine that the first action taken by the Kairos Association would be to help Goyo, one of its founders.

Asociacion Kairos



C/ San Julián, 34
16611 - Casas de Haro (Cuenca)

Phones: 969 38 08 14  &  630 76 45 72

Another contacts:
Phones: 91 306 93 78  &  635 00 19 37

Angelines.- angelines1962 [a]

Bernd-Uwe.- uwespain [a]

Raúl.- raul [a]

NIF: G85880383
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